Feministing blog authors coming to SXSW

Feministing bloggers Samhita and Ann will be speaking at the SXSW Interactive panel Sunday, March 15 about the unique challenges they face as feminist bloggers. They'll also be joined by controversial blogger/author Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon.net, who attended SEU in November.

For those of you over 21 [I'm assuming you need to be over 21 for this event] they're also joining forces with Pandagon Monday, March 16 for a feminist blog extravaganza at Beerland! Here's the Facebook event page.

I'm definitely attending the panel at the convention center. I figure since I am a feminist blogger, it couldn't hurt to get some tips on how to, as described on the event page, "survive the anti-feminist internet". ;)


Timothy said...

I'm so jealous! Take notes and share, please! :-)

Rachel said...

Here's hoping! I don't have a badge, but if people don't show up, non-badge people can get in :)

Emma said...

I like how in your last blog entry you call us all whippersnappers and then in this one you say you're not even 21 yet.

Kids these days.

Rachel said...

Just poking fun at myself for not really understanding the phenomenon that is Twitter.. until now, that is! How I ever lived without it, I just don't know! *

*this statement may or may not be an exaggeration.