These Are a Few of My Favorite Things #1

Occasionally while traveling through the vast and confusing world of the interwebs, I find awesome things that pique my interest that I bookmark and consequently never post about. Fear not, dear readers, for I shall deprive you no longer! Here are a few gems I've been meaning to share.

1. The Belly Project
Right here in Austin, Texas, St. Edward's graduate Dr. Karen Rayne and midwife Christy Tashjian are focusing on a part of our bodies most of us are all-too-aware of: the belly. The Belly Project consists of a compilation of photos of the stomachs of real women and a brief accompanying medical history. While it is incredibly fascinating to see the wide differences in how each belly has changed in reaction to pregnancies, hysterectomies, abortions, c-sections, plastic surgery, miscarriages, menopause, you name it- looking through I can't help but feel a sense of relief. In a way, The Belly Project sort of cements that everyone is different and beautiful and oh! This is what people look like! I never thought I would be in my underoos on the internet, but this was for a good cause.

2. From Feministing Community: How Men Can Be Better Feminists/Allies/Partners
I know the post is a bit old, but it is without a doubt the best commentary I've read on the debate of male roles within the feminist movement, written from a male perspective no less. Do we need any more proof that men shouldn't be discouraged from involvement in the feminist movement on principle alone?

3. Ligerbeat (NOT work-safe)
I think we can all agree that porn is awesome, but definitely male-dominated (and not the sexy kind, either.) I haven't seen the mag with my own eyes, but porn for women by women sounds a-ok to me. The ladies of Ligerbeat are sassy and smart, their blog material ranging from "cliterature" to raving about how much they want Flight of the Conchords' Bret and Jermaine to make a special (naked) appearance in their pages. And they don't care if you call them sluts, either.

4. Asylum
Asylum is a men's magazine I hadn't heard of until an article posted by one of my friends showed up in my facebook feed. I browsed around and was pleased to find articles such as, "Hot Plus-Side Model Gets Sexy Magazine Spread" that opened with the sentence, "Here at Asylum, we have a policy of love for all ladies -- black or white, short or tall, slender or voluptuous." YES. YES YES YES. In some ways, Asylum remains a stereotypical men's magazine, but it's definitely further along than Maxim. Bravo, Asylum. Bravo.

5. A Softer World
One of my most-favorite webcomics (if you can even call it a webcomic) that offers quirky, macabre comments on the subjects of homosexual relationships, gender-bending, pregnancy, sexuality, female masturbation, and self-esteem.. among other things. Like zombie apocalypses and kittens.

Happy readings!



feministish said...

If Ligerbeat ran a Sugalumps spread, it would sell like hotcakes. Thanks for sharing your favorite things! Excellent way to procrastinate writing my last paper.

Queers United said...

thanks im gonna check them out