Getting started...

I met Joelle and Emma at the Op-Ed workshop this friday, and I'm totally stoked they've agreed to offer their voices to this blog. Hello ladies! :)

If you guys have any suggestions for links to include in the sidebar (because I'm sure ya'll know about tons of great resources that I don't!) or any suggestions at all for that matter, I'd love to hear anything you guys think.

In the meantime.. let's start this thing! Feel free to post anything that pops into your head as many times a day -whether it be long-winded academic philosophizing, a single sentence, a provoking video clip, art pieces, photographs, news articles from other sites, movie/book reviews, quotes... anything! Let's be the most creative feminist blog out there!

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Emma said...


For the sidebar:
-Queers United is a great blog that describles itself as "The activist blog Uniting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersexual, Asexual community & Allies in the fight for equality." I love it because it goes beyond just gay & lesbian issues.
-Cloth Pad Shop is a collective of cloth pad sellers, most of whom are individual women who run businesses out of their homes.
-Etsy is where I get most of my cloth pads. These sellers are also mostly one-woman businesses.
-Goods 4 Girls would be a good one to go under the activism heading. It's an organization that sends cloth pads to girls in Africa.

Thanks for inviting me to join your blog!