Sincere Apologies.

I swear, I'm not trying to be lazy with my posting, just for some reason this week all the assignments are being piled on! Oh, college. I do have a few entries in the works that I hope to finish on friday, though.. if I play my cards right.

Just wanted to say thanks guys, for keeping the ball rolling! Also, I didn't mention in my last post, feel free to pass the SEU Feminist blogging opportunity to anyone you might know who you think would be the least interested (it would be awesome if they were a blogger already, but not necessary!) Not that I'm dissatisfied with just us four or anything ;)



Emma said...

You should come to the WomEMPOWERment meeting and find more bloggers there! :)

Kim said...

Eep! i'm in the same boat as you Rachel.

Sorry I haven't been writing a bunch! I'm getting a bit strung out on writing thanks to school. Gaaah. lol.

Rachel said...

I hope to make it there! I have an exam tomorrow I need to study for, but I figure I need to at least make an appearance at the first meeting ;)

I facebook friended Lucinda, once she accepts it I'll be sure to link her to the blog and see if the wants to write.. she definitely seems passionate about feminism!

LisaJustine said...

Thanks for setting up this site! The SEU feminist community needs this space.

Rachel said...

Absolutely! I'm hoping the word gets around and more people jump on board :)