Whatever supreme being is up there is convinced to make it rain on little 'ol me and my broken-down car with the non-functioning windshield wipers, making so I can't drive to Planned Parenthood to turn in my application today (or get to class, for that matter... hrmph) for fear of killing myself on the road. Weather: 1. Me and my volunteering prospects: 0.

Oh, well. I can stay nice and dry inside and continue to fill this blog, which I'm really excited I've finally created. Even though I've kept a personal online journal since I was thirteen (wow, I just ever so slightly aged myself- that's six years!) I've always felt the need to have a separate space for this sort of thing. Even though feminism does play a significant role in my personal life, I feel like a frequently updated public blog solely about feminist topics would do the job better than trying to mush it together with my personal life.

Here's the trailer of the 2007 documentary The Business of Being Born- an amazing movie for anyone who is unfamiliar with the health care crisis and how it affects women, specifically addressing problems in the area of childbirth.

It made me angry to watch at first, but it really switched on a light for me and made me wonder about my own conditioning. I know I'd be terrified to have a home birth (actually, I'm terrified of birth in general) and I think that says something in itself. That I've been conditioned to view birth as a life-threatening thing, instead of something that, well, makes life possible. It's so disheartening that if I don't want to have a home birth, it seems my only other option is going to a hospital where I'll be given pitocin to speed up my labor, maybe given an episiotomy, or scared into a caesarean because my doctor wants to go home for the evening. I know it sounds brash when I put it like that, but.. it's true. No matter how frightening a home birth sounds to me, my personal convictions about I could possibly endure during a hospital birth far outweigh that fear!

Besides, I already have a "baby" :)

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Kim said...

That still doesn't stop me from wanting to be totally drugged up in the event I give birth. Yes, it is a beautiful thing, but it's also crazy painful (as I've heard), and I am not into the whole idea of having my vajay torn up, then sewed back up.