Courtney Martin on Bill O' Reilly

It's safe to say that here at St. Edward's, Courtney Martin is one of our favorite feminists. She's attended campus twice- once last year to speak about her amazing book Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters, and last semester to coach a small group of us in op-ed writing as a part of The Op-Ed Project. Check how amazingly she stands up to Bill O' Reilly, starting at about 4:30 (sorry for the title.)

You rule, lady. 


Timothy said...

Thanks for posting this, Rachel! I have to admit, watching Bill O'Reilly always makes me a little bit angry. I'm generally pretty sweet-tempered, but he's just so stubborn and hot-headed and, well, to put it nicely, a heartless ass. This clip showed him in one of his worst incarnations: the bombastic agist/antifeminist.

I think the whole point just went right over O'Reilly's head. For one thing, he doesn't seem to understand that Tina Fey's portrayal of Palin was an example of a thing called acting, in which the actor must convey their whole subject, voice and all. More importantly, he fails to realize that, in Fey's performances, her voice and apperance were mere icing on the cake. The recipe for Fey's cake called for two parts political critique and only one part personal lampooning. O'Reilly's indiscretion, on the other hand, as I understand it, was the result of his inability to find any substantial basis for his intense dislike of Ms. Thomas.

And besides that, he's just so damned condescending toward every woman he interviews. Well, really everyone he interviews, but more so with women.

He also thinks that feminists are "just being used by the Left"? That's just plain insulting. I don't think I'll even dignify that remark with further commentary on it.

Emma said...

Obviously anyone who disagrees with Bill O'Reilly is just being used. Because obviously if they were thinking for themselves, everyone would agree with him completely. Logic!

I try to avoid watching Bill O'Reilly as much as possible, so he probably does this to everyone, but it really aggravated me that he kept talking over her.

Thanks for posting this. Also, as much as I enjoyed the hilarious title, maybe you should copy and paste the embed code into your entry?