Swagger like M.I.A.

Normally I'm not a big fan of awards shows. The culture of celebrity worship is ridiculous and whenever I hear about red carpet events like these I find myself wondering why I should care. The shows themselves rarely offer anything new-- I'd much rather see the movies or listen to the albums up for awards than find out whether they won something. And the formal attire required by the fancy events calls for strictly enforced gender roles, not to mention that the men all look the same in their tuxedos while the women's choice of gowns is under constant scrutiny. So I didn't watch the 2009 Grammy Awards, which happened this weekend, but, as it turns out, something happened there that was definitely worth seeing.

M.I.A., best known for her hit single "Paper Planes," performed "Swagger Like Us" (which samples "Paper Planes") while nine months pregnant. She was actually due on the day of the performance and she still managed to hold her own with T.I., Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne, and even flaunted her beautiful pregnant body in a sheer mini dress. I am in absolute awe.

And to think people used to say that women were the weaker sex.


Rachel said...

I LOVED this! M.I.A. rocks my world.

I was watching some of the "after show" stuff, and a lot of people vaguely hinted at her looking like a huge whale after complimenting her performance, which I thought was kind of crappy. I thought she looked absolutely beautiful.

Timothy said...

This is fantastic! I love it when mothers choose to embrace the motherhood aspect of their womanhood. I think it can be really empowering. After all, it's something amazing that we men can't ever experience, and can't ever take away from women. I don't usually like trends, but this whole "preggers chic" thing is a refreshing change. At least when it comes to responsible parents, unlike Jamie Lynn Spears and the like. But I digress. Great post, Emma!