More sexist bullshit from Hollywood

As you may know, the Academy Awards were tonight. Here's a (not-so-fun) fact from the Guerrilla Girls: no woman has ever won the Oscar for Best Director. In fact, only three have even been nominated: Lina Wertmuller in 1975 for Seven Beauties, Jane Campion in 1993 for The Piano, and Sofia Coppola in for 2003 for Lost in Translation. I also found out via Feministing that Entertainment Weekly named their top 25 directors, and not a single woman appears on the list. If you're interested in learning about some great female directors, check out the discussion going on at Feministing, or post your own favorites here.


Timothy said...

This is outrageous. Thanks for bringing it up, Emma. There are so many inequalities in the entertainment industry that go unnoticed far too often.

Anonymous said...

Could it possibly be that there just aren't that many female directors, that most forsake the medium of film? That the women directors that do exist are not all that good or appealing? Certainly not we must start with the assumption that this is all somehow the fault of men, the facts can be made to fit this conclusion at a later date.

The simple fact is that Hollywood is the closet thing to a meritocracy in the world. If you can make money you'll garner significant respect regardless of age, sex, race, or even talent. The reason that so few women have been nominated for best director is because most would rather write inane blog posts about "OMG TEH SEXISM" than actually go to the effort of making a film.