Funny Feminist Friday: Ellen!

In light of all the same-sex marriage bans passing on Tuesday-- prop 8 in California, prop 2 in Florida, and prop 102 in Arizona-- I thought I'd share a few clips of one of my favorite queer comediennes, the fabulous Ellen DeGeneres. In this clip from her 2000 show, The Beginning, Ellen shares an interpretive dance about her coming out experience.

Maybe Ellen should start a campaign to protest prop 8 through interpretive dance?
This next clip is sad in light of recent events, but here you can watch her totally trump John McCain on the subject of gay marriage:

And to cheer you up, here's a clip of Ellen dancing with President-Elect (!!!) Barack Obama:


Rachel said...

"People think once something has stayed a certain way for a certain amount of time, leave it alone, don't try to change it..."

That was really powerful, especially in light of all this... because that's all this argument is really about. People are afraid of change.

Also, I am 10 times more in love with Barack Obama now that I've seen him break it down. That was the highlight of my day :)

Emma said...

Yeah. I was just going to show the clip at the top, but then I started clicking on related videos and I just couldn't resist sharing those other two.

Emma said...

P.S. I think instead of the pledge of allegiance, school kids should have to watch a video of the president dancing every morning.

Rachel said...

That would be a more invigorating morning ritual than the pledge of allegiance for sure! Especially if the kids were required to do the dance along with him.

"Please stand for the Barack n' Roll..."

Emma said...

That would be amazing. Best school P.E. program ever.