My Wishlist.

So, all in all, I am pretty stoked that tomorrow we will know the next president of the United States. Regardless of who it is, what do you hope will be accomplished for women (or just in general!) during their term?

My wishlist:

1. A new healthcare system that means actual CARE for people, which means taking into consideration the special care -everything from counseling for spousal abuse to those yearly exams we all look forward to- unique to the health care needs of women. Also, affordable birth control, please?

2. Implementation of a national comprehensive sexuality education program, to ensure our children have healthy attitudes about sex and to lower incidence of STI's and teen pregnancy. Also, so I can achieve my dream of becoming a sex education teacher.

3. A plan to make the cost of college more affordable.. preferably, put in place before I graduate, and definitely before I go to grad school.

4. Action on the HIV/AIDS global epidemic, by a president who understands the complexity of the situation and how instrumental the United States can be in helping those affected by AIDS.

5. Stem cell research. If practiced ethically, research on this front could change the world.

6. Last but not least, a big one: the exploration (and implementation!) of green energy alternatives!

I could think of so much more... but I'll get to my point. Depending on who wins the presidency tomorrow, either none or all of my wishes will come true during those four years. So if you haven't already, don't spend tomorrow standing outside waiting to wish on a shooting star, spend it waiting in line to vote! That way, you'll have done everything in your power to make all your wishes -for women or for everyone- come true.

Tomorrow, everything is in our hands. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

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