WomEMPOWERment meeting and Discussion 6:30 PM WED. Nov. 19th after Leadership Tracks Event from 5-6:30!

The next meeting will be Wednesday at 6:30 PM WEDNESDAY Nov. 19th in the lobby on the bottom floor of Ragsdale and we will be organizing WomEMPOWERment events for the remainder of this semester and into spring 2009. We will be making plans about where we want to take this organization and the direction WomEMPOWERment needs to move to make the most impact. Open discussion following the agenda! We welcome comments/critiques/suggestions/questions!

If you are going to be at school before the meeting from 5-6:30, Alya Vasquez, the Assistant Director of Leading E.D.G.E, has invited all of us to attend the "upcoming Leadership Tracks event. It is this Wedesday, TOMORROW, the 19th of November. It is in Fleck 315 from 5- 6:30 p.m. Leslie Sans will be leading an interactive workshop dealing with ethical leadership. Its shaping up to be a lot of fun and an amazing way to pick up a couple of skills or tips on how to become an ethical leader. Come and join Leading E.D.G.E. in making this a success! Bring friends!" Join us if you can!

If you cannot make the meeting, I will be creating a thread detailing the meeting and we want your input! Write down your ideas and bring them to the meeting Wednesday at 6:30 PM! Let's collaborate our ideas!

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Counting down til Dec. 3rd for news about the AAUW grant proposal, keep thinking happy thoughts! Yoga will commence again soon, keep posted for new info.

~Inspired by Martha Grimes ~
~"We don't know who we are until we can see what we can do"~

See y'all tomorrow,


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Timothy said...

Your mother must be so proud of you, White_Male.

Too bad there's no concrete evidence to back up your perception. Generalization and the perpetuation of unsubstantiated stereotypes won't get us anywhere. However, we here at SEU Feminist would surely support your freedom of speech to a Voltairean degree, and would gladly welcome any further discussion or debate with you. Thanks for sharing your views.