Gender Analyzer says...

"We think http://www.seu-feminist.blogspot.com is written by a man (82%)." - genderanalyzer.com

In comparison, Feministing gets a rating of 54% (written by a woman, but quite gender neutral.)

Interesting... I wonder in what ways men and women supposedly write differently? I would've predicted us to be pretty gender neutral, if anything. Obviously, it's not an exact science, because we're all women here- although I'm open to getting some male perspective!


Kim said...

So, I think this gender analyzer is totally wrong.
I did it on my blog on lj. Here's what it said:

"We have strong indicators that http://oh-machine.livejournal.com/ is written by a man (93%)."

Do I write like a man!? lol
But I agree, I wonder what indicates you as a man writer or a woman writer.

Emma said...

Weird. I wish they had an info page where it said how they determine that stuff. It was right on all the other blogs I tried it on!

Rachel said...

I tried it on my personal blog too, and I got written by a woman but fairly gender neutral..

I think it can only access public posts, though, and my journal is mostly private entries like yours, Kim. So maybe your results got skewed because it only collected data from your public posts, which are probably really short and to the point.. and mannish? I have no idea. I'm curious about this, though.