Prop 8 Protest in Austin!

This is a long picture post, so I'm sorry if it loads slowly.

Here are a few of the photos I took at the proposition 8 protest yesterday at City Hall here in Austin. We had a much bigger crowd than I expected-- about 2,000 people!

These guys offered me some "homo-made" pumpkin bread.

People lined up along the curb outside City Hall after the speeches were done.

After the rallying outside City Hall for a while, we marched up to the Capitol and around downtown.

Favorite picture of the day.

Passing by Oilcan Harry's, a gay bar downtown.


Rachel said...

I want a "straight but not narrow" t-shirt! I'm so making one.

Thanks so much for sharing these pictures :)

Timothy said...

These photos are great! I wish I could've been there. It's nice to see so many people show up to fight for such a good cause.