I missed Wednesday's Sex Fact... so how about a Saturday Song?

"Woman Is the Nigger of the World" by John Lennon

"We make her paint her face and dance
If she won't be a slave, we say that she don't love us
If she's real, we say she's trying to be a man
While putting her down we pretend that she is above us"

He's best known as a Beatle and a peace activist, but I think of John Lennon as more of an individual that deeply cared about all social issues, including feminism! I love how he gives Yoko credit at the beginning of the song. :)


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Rachel said...

I thought so, too. If only he were still alive today...

Emma said...

There is a raging debate about this song here. I'm still not sure how I feel about it-- on the one hand, the song makes a good point and the explicit language helps to drive that home, but on the other hand, I'm really uncomfortable with a white man using the n-word in any context. Anyway, read the comments of that post, they're interesting.